Our accompaniment

The implementation of an energy management system that allows to save up to 15% of electricity with a return on investment of 12 months.

Energy efficiency coaching

Qualisteo has set up a team of Energy Managers dedicated to each project. Its objective is to support customers to help them reduce their electricity consumption by at least 10%. This WITHOUT investment and with a payback period of 12 months.

Qualisteo’s energy efficiency support is based on very precise analyses of measured data.

Qualisteo’s Energy Managers (IPMVP-certified) will analyse the site’s electricity consumption in order to identify areas for savings. They will then support the customer in monitoring the savings resulting from its actions.


Energy Efficiency Report

Initial report
  • Detailed consumption mapping

  • Analysis of each instrumented circuit

  • Follow-up of Qualisteo control points

  • Algorithmic decomposition of consumption over the initial reference measurement period

  • Identification of sources of savings WITHOUT investments (optimization of the existing)

  • On-site presentation and co-construction of an action plan with the client based on the results of the analysis

Monthly reports
  • Monitoring of savings

  • Monthly monitoring of key energy management points

  • Consumption, expenditure and zone/use breakdown for the month, change compared with the previous month

  • Analysis and commentary on the main contributors


ISO 50001 support

Qualisteo’s technology gives its customers the tools to be part of an ISO 50001 approach, by setting up a follow-up of energy performance indicators, establishing the reference energy situation, and monitoring changes in consumption of the main Significant Energy Uses (SEU).

A genuine tool for managing energy performance with historical data on changes, the energy efficiency solution deployed guarantees ISO 50001 certification for the measurement plan section.

EEC accompaniment

Qualisteo benefits from a network of partners specialised in EWCs, able to identify the financing opportunities available on customer sites. Qualisteo acts as a coordinator and helps its customers to obtain the best possible financing.


Other accompaniments available

Thanks to their in-depth knowledge of the site’s consumption, the Energy Managers assist their clients in the renegotiation of their electricity purchase contract, the implementation of energy-saving solutions and the sizing of solar power plants.