Innovation is an inherent part of Qualisteo’s DNA, and the company has been investing in cutting-edge R&D programs since its inception.

Innovation project funded by the European Union and the South Region

Overall objective: Adopt the innovative technological research project to design a smart meter for international markets.

Qualisteo is working to transform the metering market into a services market, and to enrich the relevance of raw metering data with data enhancement services.  The technology is based on the generation of enhanced data to offer businesses energy performance services that are profitable in the very short term. However, in a unique French context in terms of electricity prices, Qualisteo’s objective is to make a strong commitment to international markets, where electricity is more expensive, by expanding into the major industrial regions of North America, Asia and emerging countries.

In order to achieve this goal of international development, the company has been faced with a dual problem: the multiplicity of global standards for electricity, and the obligation for electrical appliances in the broadest sense to meet international and national safety standards that differ from country to country. Qualisteo therefore naturally turned to the European Union through the ERDF fund and the Region, in order to finance the GEEMS project. 

The GEEMS (Global Energy Efficiency Measurement System) project therefore aimed to finance an industrial research project in order to strengthen the company’s competitive position on international markets. Indeed, the GEEMS project has enabled Qualisteo to remove the technological barriers to electrical signal processing in many countries. The new functionalities implemented in the measurement box allow it to be installed in all countries of the world, without any technical constraints.

Today, Qualisteo’s measurement systems are installed in more than 25 countries around the world, from Japan to Russia, China, Australia, the United States and Argentina… a real commercial success!


This project is funded by the European Union. Europe is committed in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur with the European Regional Development Fund.