energy management

Qualisteo implements intelligent and customizable dashboards to better manage the energy performance of professional and industrial buildings.

Qualisteo provides its customers with energy performance indicators that can be customised and accessed online

Energy Performance Indicators (EPI) are the basis for the implementation of an energy management system. The EPIs, particularly at industrial sites, further measure the ratio between electricity consumption and production usage. Qualisteo implements customised IPEs, corrected for influential factors such as temperature, plant activity, production, etc.

The IPEs proposed by Qualisteo vary according to the operation of the sites, particularly industrial sites, and are designed to highlight Significant Energy Uses (SEU). ESUs are proposed on a macro scale at the plant level (kWh based on the overall production of the site) or on a micro scale (COP of a chiller, kWh per production line, kWh/tonne produced).

The monitoring of IPEs and UESs makes it possible to optimise consumption more finely in order to obtain better results, to communicate in a structured way to the user the information he needs and, finally, to alert in the event of consumption drift.


External data recovery

Qualisteo’s IT teams are able to set up external data recovery APIs that are useful for the monitoring of IPE and UES.

Integration of other data
Meteorological data
Production data
Air quality
Activity data
Other energy consumption