Gas metering

Lynx’O, an additional module dedicated to gas metering on tertiary and industrial sites

Data concentrator communicating with the gas meters of the sites

To help sites control their gas consumption, the Lynx’O is a data concentrator that communicates with the site’s gas meters. The Lynx’O communicates with the existing equipment (meters equipped with cable pulse transmitters and meters equipped with radio transmitters). The measured data can be used to generate a range of innovative services for customers accessible on the Wattseeker platform. The communicating meters transmit the data to the Lynx’G via radio or wire communication. The data is then processed and analysed by Wattseeker and made available to the customer on the energy platform.

  • Be able to monitor and detect consumption or hydraulic anomalies
Better control of gas consumption
Consultation via internet
Monthly consumption and daily indexes

Performance indicator