Patented NIALM algorithms make it possible to see where and how electricity is consumed as if the meters had been installed throughout the building.

NIALM technology, an innovation for optimising electricity consumption

A NIALM system consists of one or more physical measurement points (generally non-intrusive) providing the load curve of all or particular areas of buildings (floors, workshops, etc.), coupled with software processing the physical measurements carried out on these areas.

In order to achieve this, a NIALM system uses advanced signal processing algorithms to disaggregate the load curves into individual consumptions of the recognized devices.

The result is a “virtual” load curve for each recognized device or group of devices, “as if” a meter had been used.

NIALM stands for “Non Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring”. The acronym NILM (Non Intrusive Load Monitoring) is sometimes used as a synonym for NIALM.

NIALM refers to any method of monitoring the individual power consumption of multiple devices without requiring a meter for each device.

QUALISTEO, world leader in NIALM for professional and industrial buildings

Qualisteo positions itself as one of the world leaders in Nialm. The highly sophisticated algorithms used in the Wattseeker solution are the result of 10 years of research and development. They are based on data elements that make it possible to distinguish various classes of equipment (resistors, lighting, motors, ventilation, computers, etc.) according to various complementary differentiation elements (harmonics, active power, power factor, single-phase, three-phase, controlled, operating cycles, etc.).

This identification of consumption enables our Energy Manager teams to offer our customers an energy efficiency service adapted to their needs.


Before Qualisteo: overall load curve

After application of Qualisteo algorithms: precise identification of consumer uses and highlighting of the main consumers