Monitoring construction sites

Qualisteo monitors in a simple and efficient way the electrical consumption of construction sites.

The Eco-Construct solution for energy-efficient construction sites

Energy consumption on construction sites is considerable and almost never controlled. New buildings are intelligent, eco-designed, positive energy, but what about the construction site phase?

A simplified measurement system

The Eco-Construct solution consists of installing Lynx² measurement systems specially designed to be integrated into site electrical cabinets in an autonomous way at the time of the design of the site low-voltage distribution boards, in a few hours.

Qualisteo’s “site” cabinet is of robust design (IK10 and IP44) and its small size enables it to meet integration and operating requirements under severe conditions of use.

Monitoring of electricity consumption throughout the life of the worksite

These measuring systems are specially designed for the needs of a construction site. They will measure the site’s consumptions, and then Qualisteo’s proprietary technology will allow an extremely precise identification of these consumptions. In fact, the electrical consumption of the lifebase, cranes and column feet will be transmitted in real time to Qualisteo’s supervision tool, which will alert the customer in the event of any drift in consumption as well as in the event of oversizing of the electrical installation and subscriptions.

This solution will therefore make it possible to control, optimise and reduce electricity consumption on construction sites, and above all to monitor potential drifts throughout the life of the site.

Miniaturized system
Robust design (IK10 and IP44)
Installed autonomously in 2 hours
Monitoring of electricity consumption on construction sites
Monitoring of consumption drifts
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