Qualisteo, one more energy efficiency client in the Carribean

High energy costs are a major challenge for islands and coastal communities because they face some of the highest electric and heating fuel costs. Moreover climate change is a real challenge for islands. Indeed the surface temperature of the Earth

New client in Hong Kong

New country #HongKong !!! Let’s reduce up to 30% of #energyconsumption in buildings! #energyefficiency #CO2emissions reductions #frenchtech We are ready to install our smart metering system in Hong Kong in November, a new project of energy consumption reduction.

Qualisteo continues its commercialization abroad.

We were already working in many foreign markets: Greece, Norway, Antilles, Spain…. and during this summer we continued expanding. We are very proud of our new references: China, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, UK… and others to come! We are also very

First Client in Switzerland!

First #energyefficiency client in #Switzerland ! -20% of energy consumption #carbonfootprint #COP21 #innovation #frenchtech

WebtimeMedias – 29 septembre 2016 – Qualisteo (Nice), double lauréat des Investissements d’Avenir

Qualisteo (Nice), double lauréat des Investissements d’Avenir http://www.webtimemedias.com/article/qualisteo-nice-double-laureat-des-investissements-davenir-20160929-58742 L’innovation « made in Qualisteo » doublement récompensée par le Programme d’investissements d’avenir opéré par l’ADEME. La start-up azuréenne a obtenu deux financements qui lui ont été octroyés dans les domaines de l’efficacité énergétique