Qualisteo is the leader in metering and interpreting energy consumptions. It is a French company, established in 2010. Our offices are located in a business incubator, an environment that nurtures innovation: the Centre Européen d’Entreprises et d’Innovation (CEEI) of the Métropole Nice Côte d’Azur.

We are proud to have created a unique technology that has been tested and validated by the R&D teams of the main energy players in France: augmented metering of energy consumptions in professional buildings.

To date, over 500 systems have been deployed, enabling our clients in France and abroad to optimise their environmental footprint and decrease their electricity bills.

At the beginning…

Christophe Robillard is the CEO and founder of Qualisteo. As an engineer specialised in telecommunications and signal processing, he has always strived to unite research activities with environmental and societal challenge. Qualisteo project is structured around a patent registered in 2009 – the fruit of innovation à la française, supported regionally and nationally.

Here are the major milestones along Qualisteo’s path:

A specific vision for energy

Our vision: revolutionising the service of metering and interpreting energy consumptions in order to enable energy efficiency.

The energy landscape is in the throes of change, and we are harnessing technological innovations to serve environmental challenges.

The way energy is represented is changing and behaviours are changing too. Energy is no longer seen simply as a molecule or as an electron: it is data, it is the exchange of information and services, which Qualisteo will enable you to understand and control.

The world is changing and consumption habits are changing too. Our company is accompanying this revolution. Qualisteo is at the heart of the clean tech, smart grid and smart city cultures.

Around 20 Awards

Since 2011, we have been honoured to see that our revolutionary approach to controling energy, and our radical innovations, have been recognised and rewarded.


Our Board of Directors is composed of 5 members

participating to strategy, implementation and partnerships development.

Pierre Yves Lambert


Mathieu Goudot

Administrator, Demeter Partners representative

Jean-Philippe Gendre

Administrator, Demeter Partners representative

Michel Wohrer


Thomas Peaucelle