Identify dyfunctionning devices
Recognize defects and prevent breakdowns

Predictive maintenance is all about warding off incidents before they occur. QUALISTEO technology assesses the state of the equipment and picks up early signs of breakdown.

In factories, some components on machines suffer greater wear and tear than others. Such wear and tear leads to imbalances that can gradually damage the machines. The goal of QUALISTEO’s predictive maintenance techniques is to detect the probability of such defects to ward off breakdowns and accidents, and to optimize maintenance strategies.


Our predictive maintenance innovative solution

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We provide to our client a breakthrough innovation: transform existing factories into factories of the future with no capex investment.

We provide our clients a smart metering system installed in few hours.

Our clients have access to dashboards in order to have a view of the industrial process functioning in real-time.

We implement alarms and alerts to identify dysfunctions and potential breakdowns.

Not only can our technology deliver 10 to 30% energy savings it can also predict the need for maintenance and enable factories to be ready for the Internet of things.