Welcome back Greece!

Greece is facing huge energy efficiency issues and our smart metering technology will help to solve some of these issues! For the second year, we will install our smart metering systems in highway tunnels in Greece, in Athens aera. Last

Qualisteo, one more energy efficiency client in the Carribean

High energy costs are a major challenge for islands and coastal communities because they face some of the highest electric and heating fuel costs. Moreover climate change is a real challenge for islands. Indeed the surface temperature of the Earth

New client in Hong Kong

New country #HongKong !!! Let’s reduce up to 30% of #energyconsumption in buildings! #energyefficiency #CO2emissions reductions #frenchtech We are ready to install our smart metering system in Hong Kong in November, a new project of energy consumption reduction.

Qualisteo continues its commercialization abroad.

We were already working in many foreign markets: Greece, Norway, Antilles, Spain…. and during this summer we continued expanding. We are very proud of our new references: China, Singapore, Australia, Switzerland, Italy, UK… and others to come! We are also

First client in UK

First #energyefficiency client in #UK ! -20% of energy consumption #carbonfootprint #COP21 #innovation #frenchtech #manchester

First client in Switzeland!

  First #energyefficiency client in #Switzerland ! -20% of energy consumption #carbonfootprint #COP21 #innovation #frenchtech

First contract in Australia!

  We just signed our first energy efficiency contract in Australia with an objective of minimum less 20% on energy consumptions! Our team soon in Australia!