Reduce your energy consumptions
Implement energy management process


Identify consumptions

Our product enables real time measurement and identification of electrical appliances consumption. Using our unique algorithm NIALM patented, we can identify what type of electrical appliance is being used as well as its location within the building.


targetIdentify savings

We can help companies identify where, when and how they are consuming energy, then help them identify savings.

We provide all this through an intuitive and easy to use dashboard. At the end of measurements period, we provide our client a complete audit report presenting concrete recommendations.

We implement alarms and alerts to inform our clients in case of increasing consumptions.

clients en cas de dérive des consommations ou d’erreurs de fonctionnement de leurs bâtiments.

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targetIdentify actions

Our solution deliver new, unprecedented energy management capabilities (achieving ISO50001 compliance), at minimal cost with a return of investment less than 1 year. Compliance to the energy efficiency regulation is now economically beneficial.

Our clients perform up to 30% of energy savings, with no need of investments.

We provide our clients 3 level of services: